Alumni Testimonials


“The Leadership College helped me take the disjointed knowledge I had and pulled all of that together to get a mature view of what my leadership and calling looks like."

"I'm not sure when it happened, but this Leadership College changed everything"

“In the Leadership College, I had a platform to test and try out new things with the tools and people to support me in a risk. Now I can do it on my own with confidence because of the opportunity to test myself in a safe environment.”

“I’m not the same person I was when I started at the Leadership College. I’ve received healing for things I didn’t even know were strongholds in my life. I’m better, stronger, and God has positioned me through this process for what he has next for me.”

“It has helped me know my own personal leadership tendencies and how that’s not always the best solution. I’ve gained the ability to pause, discern, and assess the situation in order to meet the needs of the person.”

"Our cadre was a huge growth experience for me… in fun and challenging ways.”

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